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Hold Daddy's Hand

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Hi Ken,
I received your book the other day, haven't finished it yet but it is so endearing and profound. Your daughter is a lucky little girl to have a dad like you, not to mention that she is quite the beauty! Thank you again. Send a copy to Oprah...you'll make millions, then you help publish mine. Warm regards, Jane

Whenever I read one of your well-written, awe-inspiring pieces, I am so impressed with your ability to put into words the feelings that we all 'think' about this time of year; it's a true gift and one of which your Grandmother would be proud! Thank you for reminding us what is really important this time of year, and the other 11 months as well!

"Hold Daddy's Hand is written from the point of view of a father guiding his daughter through a complex world, using lessons from his own successes and failures, powered by the strength of his love.

It was written to be inspirational, emotional, instructional and entertaining. Style wise it is reminiscent of Letters to My Son by Ken Nerbern.

The strengths of the book lie in the diverse experiences of the father; having lived for a short time on the wrong side of the tracks; then searching for spiritual meaning in his life; working creatively in music, writing, and art; and also starting and managing several small businesses.

Hold Daddy's Hand is unique in that it has an overall theme of living consciously while recognizing and questioning social conditioning. The book spends time unraveling our deeply held, "core beliefs" and motivations, especially in spiritual matters, without criticizing any popular beliefs or religions.

Time is spent on a variety of subjects not normally covered together in one book: Religion and spirituality, tips for being self employed, financial management, the pitfalls of drugs and alcohol, subconscious programming, and a celebration of the differences between women and men.

These subjects are "rounded out" by some traditional dialogue on marriage, sex, peer pressure, sports, education, social responsibility, and finding a life purpose. There is even a short section of prose and poetry at the end inspired by the author's daughter. It reads like a long, interesting, (sometimes intense) fireside chat.

Some tidbits of hand-holding
  • The value of finding a higher purpose in your work and personal life
  • Getting to "core truths," which (often unconsciously) dictate or influence most of our thoughts, words and actions.
  • Some time honored secrets to investing and managing your money
  • Some simple life wisdom from your great grandparents
  • Taking 100% responsibility for everything in your life
  • The secret to "not quitting"

About the author: I have been writing for twelve years and my previous works include "How to start a lawn care business a whole new way", self-published in 2007 (available on Amazon as well as www.LawnGuru.net) In addition, I have self published several personal development articles on my website / blog www.SomethingisHappening.org and written and performed several pieces of music. I am currently working on a revised life instruction book called, "Daddy's Life Lessons."

Download first three chapters and annotated table of contents in PDF format here Ken LaVoie

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Hold Daddy's Hand: A father's collection of life lessons for his daughter
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